Project Execution

Often our clients know what they want but lack practical experience, understanding and or experienced practitioners/specialists to execute and successfully deliver the change.

ORP can help by bringing:
  • Operational risk change and transformation experience to help you design change and execute
    • Develop strategy e.g. Where Operational risk should be and its Operating Model
    • Build Business Case e.g. Develop Cost-Benefits case
    • Design Change e.g. Design components of new model and also how they interact via Operating model and framework
    • Develop enhancements e.g. Develop these components/enhancements to be operationally ready for rollout
    • Implement enhancements e.g. rollout changes in a staged manner supported by project & governance approach
    • Provide ongoing assurance e.g. undertake assurance reviews to ensure desired outcomes are being achieved
  • Experienced resources to help you execute change by augmenting your current capabilities that may not be adequate
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