Operational Risk Consultancy

We live in uncertain and challenging times today…… the new norm for businesses today and tomorrow. The types of risks firms face today, their complexity and the severity are on the rise. We note at the same time that organisational structures and operating culture continues to manifest itself in a siloed approach. When combined with rising cost pressures we see lack of or confused and sub-optimal risk decision making and management. The result - increased regulatory fines, penalties being incurred on account of control weaknesses, failure to manage transactions end-to-end, resourcing/skillset challenges across first and second line of defense, confusion around Basic and Advanced Approaches and delayed investment decisions on resourcing, infrastructure and training.

We advise that firms need to secure themselves and their stakeholders' interests more effectively in the short term by taking a longer term view. Our approach to Operational risk, in the context of broader business and risk management, is based on the premise that the risk management function can with the right investment, structure, mandate and culture be a proactive enabler of investment opportunities.

Our suite of practitioner services and products aim to allow firms to design and leverage their risk management capabilities in a more holistic manner and to transform risk management from reactive protector to a proactive enabler.

  • Operational Risk Consultancy – to help you solve your problems, address challenges and help you with benchmarking, design, development, deployment and assurance
  • Operational Risk Project Execution – to help you deliver what you have in mind
  • Operational Risk Training – To help you progressively embed the required practical understanding across your lines of defense and help you deliver the risk culture you seek for your firm

Our clients and prospects see us as a useful sounding board because We Listen and then respond in a way that meets your requirements and objectives. Experience it.

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