M & A Execution

  • Scope
    • Due Diligence
    • Integration
    • Divestiture
    • Post Transaction services
  • Specific Services & Product
    • Due Diligence
      • Planning and conducting the review
      • Evaluating revenue and cost synergies

You need this when

  • A significant acquisition or divestiture is planned. e.g. Expanding or rationalizing branches, markets, products.
  • Effort of Integration needs to be estimated
  • Concerns are expressed around the ability to execute the deal in a timely manner.
  • Need to realize the Revenue and Cost synergies envisaged in the deal
  • Need for ongoing standardization and improvement of process and convergence of systems
  • Integration
    • Gap analysis and action plan
    • Program Management.
    • Change Management
  • Divestiture
    • Developing execution plans
    • Program Management & Execution
  • Post Transaction services
    • Realising synergies
    • Eliminating Strandard costs
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