Business Process Excellence


   Business Process Excellence for Financial Institutions

  13th-14th August 2014


In today’s dynamic and uncertain operating environment, the need to ensure business processes are designed and governed in an efficient and effective manner is critical. New products, channels and customer preferences result in increased specialisation/sophistication with frequent changes to processes and related infrastructure. Often this also results in inefficiency, reduced performance and non-compliance. With revenues under increasing pressure Banks are being forced to look at ways of enhancing efficiency, productivity without compromising their compliance or reputation. Regulators and other stakeholders are holding Banks and their senior management to higher standards of accountability and performance. 
Confidence on business processes starts with an understanding of the business itself and the process design. Failure to do this impacts risk management and related decisioning. It also implies identification of non-value add activities around legacy practices, risk based data collection and reporting, streamlined engagement models and standardization to promote efficiency and effectiveness.
This unique course is specially conceptualized and designed by The Operational Risk Practice Pte. Ltd. for the Banking industry to help establish and embed a more robust understanding of end-to-end business process design, mapping, risk management and governance in an optimal manner, consistent with stakeholder expectations and requirements.

    Key Learning Outcomes

This programme is designed to achieve the following goals:
  • Effectively map business processes for maximum organizational competitiveness and efficiency
  • Ensure process design tailor-made to your organisation’s particular structure, activities and challenges
  • Develop strategies for in-depth analysis and understanding of business processes
  • Utilize process performance measurement to deliver key business process excellence goals
  • Increase process agility to rapidly respond to developing market opportunities Manage business process risk and establishing an effective risk control and governance strategy
All sessions will be supported by practical case studies and exercises together with continuous 
interactive discussions and questioning

     Who will benefit

Professionals engaged in the development of the following:
    • Operational Risk                                   • Six Sigma                                         • Compliance
    • Enterprise Risk                                     • Operations                                     • Project / Product Heads
    • Change Management                            • Business / IT Architecture            • Business Strategy
    • Business Process Management            • CIOs                                                • Audit

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