Essential Foundation OR

This programme is designed to achieve the following goals:
  • Establish an understanding of:
- How operational risk fits in the content of enterprise-wide risk management today.
- The essential building blocks required for effective operational risk management and how they are
applied in financia lservices firms today at a strategic and execution level.
- Essential building blocks – Risk classification; Risk appetite; Roles & responsibilities; Governance &
structure;Regulatory & policy compliance; Risk management process (Identification, assessment,
treatment & monitoring); Measurement capital; Data; MIS & culture
  • Learn how operational risk roles performed during the financial crisis and the key lessons learned.
  • Examine issues critical for regulatory compliance from an operational risk perspective.
  • Clarify the management of operational risk in context of the three lines of defense.
  • Examine current issues and challenges being addressed by the industry including Data availability,boundary issues with other risk types, modeling, business buy-in, etc

Course Focus

The course provides an understanding of the essential foundations for effective operational risk management in today’s and challenging operating environment. Whether you are part of the first, second or third line of defense, all executives need to understand how operational risk arises in the context of their particular business area and how the risk needs to be managed based on where they sit in the organization structure and hierarchy.

The financial crisis exposed failings in the area of operational risk at strategic and execution levels. We do a deep dive into the essential components of operational risk management to understand their performance prior to and during the crisis and derive key lessons learnt.

Especially designed for financial services professionals engaged in:

  • Operational risk and other risk management professionals
  • Line managers in business and support functions (including Hubs/Captives)
  • Line Operational risk managers
  • Chief operating officers & Operations professionals
  • Compliance managers
  • Audit managers
  • Regulators
  • Basel / Solvency II project managers.

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