Rajit Punshi to present a case study on "Leveraging on Games to Enhance Corporate Learning" at The Learn Tech Asia Conference 2014.


Leveraging on Games to Enhance Corporate Learning – Case Study

Rapid technological advancement has caused many phenomenons such as social media to flourish. Sadly, the world of training has not caught on fast enough. Current methods of training – the most common tool being Powerpoint – fail to engage learners and provide realistic scenarios for effective learning.

This insightful session addresses the current challenges in the area of learning and innovative approaches to overcome them. Rajit will present a case study of a game-based solution which was conceptualised and developed to test the ability of the staff (including the business managers) to manage complex situations, in both normal and stressful situations. Participants can learn from the sharing of his findings to improve their own corporate learning experience

Speaker's Synopsis

RajitPunshi is widely recognized as a leading practitioner and expert in the Operational Risk industry with over 14 years of hands-on experience, with a career spanning 24 years in financial services. Learning and development is an area Rajit has much experience in.

Apart from having delivered numerous industry and in-house training sessions, Rajit has also provided training for regulators and run industry certification programmes with NUS-RMI under their FCS and FRM programmes. To make his training sessions more immersive, Rajit is now exploring disruptive technology and methods, in addition to adopting the traditional training methods – face-to-face, role- and scenario-based training. This allows organisations to achieve their target outcomes more successfully through the use of complex processes, regulations, risks and scenarios.

Pursuant to his efforts in this area, Rajit has been awarded a Singapore government innovation grant to study how 3D simulation can be used to enhance learning design and delivery effectiveness.

Learn Tech Asia Conference 2014
Asia’s Premier E-Learning Conference for The Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors
13 - 14 November | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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