• Current industry status at global and Asian level.
  • Lessons learnt from the Financial Crisis - What is the Operational risk connection and how should firm deal with this?
  • Realities of managing Operational risk today as firms seek to balance growth with risk.
  • What do senior management need to do to get the desired assurance that Operational risk exposures are being managed within appetite?
  • Strategies to make Operational risk management more forward looking? Explore options to Optimise Operational risk management.
  • How to judge Operational risk performance going forward?

  • Understanding the implications of the current operating environment for line, risk and control professionals
  • Evaluating performance from the Operational risk perspective - Hard Talk
  • Managing Operational risk in context of Enterprisewide risk management by analyzing: 
                -  Classification and communication of Operational risk as part of firmwide risk management
                -  Operational risk appetite and its integration into business 
                -  Three lines of defense enhancements from governance and structural perspective
                -  Integration of regulation, policy and controls into end-to-end processes to deliver confidence to
                   stake holders on compliance and risk management
                -  Risk profiling, processes and tools and what needs to change to deliver better outcomes for    
                   Business, Firm and other stakeholders
                -  Evaluating state of Operational risk measurement and implications for strategic agenda going      
                -  Data elements, the key challenges and what is being done to address the same
  • Understand how risk culture is evolving and implications for Operational risk going forward
  • Review the 'Operational Risk People'  factor and recognize realities essential for performance & success
  • Establish priorities for the Operational risk agenda going forward
                - Transform, disrupt, innovate or opt for progressive and staged change?
Leading firms thought they got it right. They were wrong...the status quo has shifted. The industry is having a rethink. Listen, share and observe to decide what you need to do to deliver success going forward.

  • Operational risk and other risk management professionals
  • Line managers in business and support functions (including Hubs/Captives)
  • Line Operational risk managers
  • Chief operating officers & Operations professionals
  • Compliance managers 
  • Audit managers
  • Regulators
  • Basel / Solvency II project managers.




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