Gain Insights Into Vital Issues:
Develop strategies for successfully establishing an integrated enterprise-wide financial crime platform
Maximise your operational and technical resilience and reliability for watertight compliance to FATCA demands
Successfully implement effective anti-corruption policies and procedures across all business areas
Establish a clear and transparent financial crime reporting framework across all business functions of your financial institution
Effectively implement enhanced sanctions due diligence
Understand the development and evolution of sanctions programs globally in order to implement thorough due diligence
Design and establish an effective enterprise-wide anti-money laundering framework in line with business objectives
Supporting Association:
Your Expert Speaker Panel:
David Cope
Regional Head, AML & Sanctions Compliance Coverage, Asia
Morgan Stanley, Hong Kong
  Rajit Punshi
Managing Principal
The Operational Risk Practice, Singapore
Richard Moore
Group Head of Financial Crime & Security Services
DBS, Singapore
  Jim Calvin
Asia Pacific Regional Leader,
Deloitte, Singapore
Pankaj Jaggi
Vice-President, Operational Risk & Compliance Citigroup, Singapore
  Lee Yee Tan
FATCA Lead, Singapore
KPMG, Singapore
Sunil Mehta
Progamme Director, Customer Due Diligence Program, Consumer Banking
Standard Chartered, Singapore
  Jay Jhaveri
Wealth-X, Singapore
Yezdi Chinoy
Head of Compliance, South East & South Asia
Allianz Global Investors, Singapore
  Andrew Glover
Regional Director
International Compliance
Association (ICA)
    Eliot Kennedy
Assistant Secretary
Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering
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Financial crime continues to be high on the senior management and regulatory agenda. A large number of recent high-profile cases and fines has resulted in a harsh 'reality check' on the issues and challenges surrounding compliance and risk management associated with this specific Operational risk type. Three specific Financial Crime risk areas dominate the agenda today – Transactions Monitoring, Sanctions and FATCA compliance.

There exists considerable concern around the ability of financial services firms to provide continued confidence and assurance internally and externally and that the controls around the management of risks relating to these key areas are robust and adequate to secure the firm from financial and reputational loss.


The underlying question is – What will it take to get this right, as the environment gets increasingly more complex?

Control failures, regulatory fines, uncoordinated regulatory changes and looming economic slowdown all make it increasingly difficult for firms to ensure their risk trade-off decisions are sound. Moreover,we also face the real risk of management effort and attention beingdiverted from overall risk management to a 'tick-in-the box' compliance approach.

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